Elegance Series Doors

The Timeless Series is the perfect choice for replacement or new construction projects.
Choose our Elegance Series is the perfect choice for replacement or new construction projects.

The Serene Series is our most comprehensive product family marked by the highest quality. 

Our thermally broken aluminum windows offer dual and triple glaze glass packages, delivering outstanding thermal performance.

What is LoĒ³-366®?

Cardinal Glass Industries is leading the industry in the development of residential glass for windows and doors. We trust they provide the best quality glass for our customers.Cardinal Glass Industries Inc. introduces the ultimate performance glass, LoĒ³-366®, and comes standard in all Premium Windows products. LoĒ³-366® provides the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, for all climates. The secret? A triple layer of silver coating on the glass. This will protect your furniture, carpet, curtains and fabrics in the home as well as keep the heat and cold weather out. Energy-efficient windows will save you a bundle and help the environment at the same time.

Glass Options

You have the option of single or double pane glass for windows. Doors come standard with double panes. Triple pane glass coming soon!

Tinted Glass Options

Tinted glass reduces glare and is ideal for areas in the home that get a lot of direct sunlight. While reflective glass products are effective in rejecting solar gain, their shiny appearance is undesirable in most homes and buildings. Our subtle tinted glass options provide high visibility and beauty without the discomfort of heat-absorbing glass or visual disruptions of highly reflective glass.


Premium windows guarantees to the original consumer purchaser (“Original Purchaser”) of windows or doors (hereafter referred to as “Products”) installed in a single family home or a multi-family home unit (“Home”) by the builder as new construction or by the Original Purchaser as replacements that Premium Windows will repair or replace any such Premium Windows Products that are defective in materials or workmanship and will pay the costs of all parts and labor. lf repair is not commercially practical or cannot timely be made, then Premium Windows will, at the Original Purchaser’s option, either replace any defective Premium Window Products. Premium Windows reserves the right to modify or discontinue any of its Products. For the repair or replacement of modified or discontinued Products, Premium Windows will have the right to substitute current Products and components of equal quality and as similar in appearance as possible.

Other Door Styles

Our multiple sliding doors are easy to open and the panel slide features can be stacked or collapsed.
Multiple folding doors feature two or more folding panels in a variety of operable/fixed panel combinations.
French swing doors feature 1 or more panels that swing outward or inward and from the left or right.
Patio Sliding Doors will help you conserve energy and are easy to maintain, saving you time and money.

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Fantastic prices for our windows and doors with long Double strength glass to provide durability and better sound control!
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